Buttery, hot, doughy, soft, crunchy and sweet. The only problem I have with these waffles is that I will never enjoy any other waffle again.


My husband doesn’t have ongoing hobbies that he follows with extreme intensity but rather he seems to have spurts of acute interest that burst forth like an itch that must be scratched.  Lucky for me, his most recent “obsession” was a quest to recreate the hot sugar waffles (Luikse Wafels) you find for sale on the streets of Belgium. After internet research, a purchase of a new specialty waffle iron and an ingredient hunt, he accomplished his mission this weekend.  The above waffles transformed the way I will think about waffles forever.  After just one bite, I knew that a perfect Liege waffle would exist on my “Top 10 Foods Ever” list.

Not to be confused with Belgian waffles, the Liege waffle is made with a yeast dough instead of batter and is spotted with large bits of sugar.  When cooked in the iron, the sugar chunks melt and create pockets of crunchy sweet on the inside and shiny, slick sugar spots on the outside.


Though he read that you can break up sugar cubes as a substitute, I would suggest you purchase Lars Belgian Pearl Sugar here. These are not the same as Swiss Pearl Sugar.  Other than the specialty sugar, the ingredients are so common, it is hard to believe that the outcome is so uncommonly delicious.

You should use a Belgian waffle iron.  The pearl sugar is quite large and I think that the Belgian iron allows enough space in the thicker waffle to form those little hot sugar pockets.  The new waffle maestro in my house bought this one and it worked beautifully.

Regarding the recipe, we must give full credit here. This is the one that Mr. Whipped decided on after a long, critical online investigation and it was truly perfect.


The dough will be a bit sticky and unlike other waffle batters.  Scoop large hunks onto your hot waffle iron.  Then, latch the lid and prepare for aroma therapy like no other.  Just close your eyes, take deep breaths and enjoy those three minutes in your own, personal buttery sweet smelling waffle heaven.

As soon as the waffles are ready, put them on a plate, let them cool a moment so as to not burn your mouth with the hot sugar and finally… indulge immediately.  After you have stuffed yourself (which you are sure to do) you can freeze additional waffles and warm them in a 200 degree oven.


Liege Sugar Waffles

1 (1/4 ounce) package yeast
1/3 cup lukewarm water (about 105 degF – too hot will kill the yeast)
1 1/2 tablespoons granulated white sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 cups flour
3 eggs
1 cup melted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)
1 cup pearl sugar*

Prep time: about 1 1/2-2 hours with rising time

Mix the yeast, water, sugar and salt in a bowl and let it develop or sit for 15 minutes. Place the flour in a separate large mixing bowl (we use the bowl of our kitchen aid stand mixer) and make a well in the center of the flour.

Pour the yeast mixture into the well and mix until blended on medium speed (we use the paddle in our kitchen aid mixer). Add the eggs (one at a time), melted butter a bit at a time, and the vanilla and cinnamon. Be sure to mix well after each addition to the batter. Keep in mind the batter will be thick and VERY sticky (this is normal).

Remove the bowl from the mixer and let the dough rest until it doubles in volume inside the bowl. (About 1 hour) Gently fold in the pearl sugar and let the dough rest for 15 more minutes. While the dough is resting, heat the waffle iron.

Spoon about a 2″ ball of dough into the center of the waffle iron (this should yield a waffle that is about 4″ in diameter). I know that sounds small, but these rich waffles pack quite a punch. Waffles will take 3 to 5 minutes to bake (in our waffle iron, they take 3 minutes and 15 seconds on level 3.  Another reader preferred level 4.  Play around with it to get it to your liking).

Recipe makes 8 – 10 waffles.

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148 Responses to “Liege “Sugar” Waffles, Perfected”

  1. The Dutch Baker's Daughter Says:

    I have been wanting to make these for the last two months! I have my Belgian pearl sugar in the cupboard and was just waiting for the right recipe to fall into my lap….these look wonderful! I am going to have to take your word for authentic taste, since I have never had a Liege waffle, but I know that I will love them. Thank you!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Uh…excuse me, I need to go out and buy a waffle maker now!

  3. Jacqui Says:

    Wow! I can hardly contain my glee after seeing these waffles! I will have to get my hands on some of that sugar and heat up my waffle iron!

  4. kickpleat Says:

    I loved Leige waffles when in Belgium but the places that offer them here in Vancouver just don’t do them justice. I would love to recreate them, so thank you!!

  5. dan Says:

    Wow. It’s enough to make you want to dust off your waffle iron …

  6. Amy Says:

    I have just discovered your blog (via a link from Angry Chicken) and I think I’ve found my new favorite site. Can’t wait to try these waffles. Thank you!

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    [...] Liege “Sugar” Waffles, Perfected [...]

  8. Bit of Butter Says:

    These look amazing. Wow! I am in love!

  9. stresscake Says:

    I swear to god, we think alike. I was just researching this very thing last week and bookmarked a bunch of things to test. Weird! Thanks for doing all the legwork for me :) And hell yeah, I’ll waffle with you and waffelizer :)

  10. kitchen addiction Says:

    There’s a little place locally that sells these waffles. I had them about 8 months ago and haven’t stopped thinking about them! I’m really excited to make these. Thanks for posting!

    BTW, where do you buy pearl sugar? Just in ye olde standard grocery store?

  11. How do you clean pancake batter off a rug? | Rug buying guide Says:

    [...] Liege “Sugar” Waffles, Perfected [...]

  12. molly Says:

    wow, I can smell these from your description. I love waffles and this recipe sounds like an especially tasty one! I’m on my way to purchase a belgian waffle iron.

  13. Sweets at Vicky's Says:

    Oh gosh, this is calling out to me. I can imagine crusty sugary buttery edges and the chewiest interior. Belgian chocolate on the side for me please!

  14. Janice Says:

    I’ll be in Liege for my first time in about 10 days. I know what I’ll be eating for breakfast. I’ll save the recipe for after the trip.

  15. bob Says:

    wow, look at that, I’m already drooling, great color, looks delicious!!

  16. James Says:

    I had these once on a ski slope- you skied right up to the stand. They are to die for.

  17. Steph Says:

    Please make me some of these. Please oh please.

  18. Debby Says:

    I live in Monterey, CA. At one time, there was a Belgian fellow who had a waffle cart at our shopping mall. My son would beg me to buy these waffles, and I admit they are amazing! One day, the guy disappeared. What a joy to find your recipe! I can hardly wait to make these for myself– and to surprise my son who is no longer 8 years old, but 21 years old. Great post! I’m glad I stumbled across your blog while searching for a recipe for zucchini fritters.

  19. Willa Says:

    So. I am super pumped about these waffles but I keep *waffling* over whether to make them: I am worried about my iron. I have a standard, deep-pocketed Belgian-style Waring model but even though it is non-stick I’m having nightmares of caramel patches refusing to loose themselves without taking some non-stick surfacing with them. What do you think? Am I being silly?

  20. Caroline Says:

    Willa, I must say that my husband spent some time digging the caramely bits of the iron. Good instinct… but, if you wipe it with a paper towel when it is still hot… shouldn’t be a problem.

  21. cecily Says:

    Happy Waffle Day! (3/25/10)

    This morning I enjoyed 3 Jewel brand waffles. How do those compare to these? Scale of 1-10 please.

  22. Alison Says:

    When I was a foreign exchange student in Japan, believe it or not, my host mother used to make these for my breakfast EVERY morning. I had no idea how to recreate them until now! Thank you!

  23. teresacooks Says:

    Good to see someone posting about this, it was in my plans but haven’t made them for ages. I LOVE these. If you serve these at a brunch people talk about them for YEARS! I didn’t realize there was a difference between Belgian pearl sugar and the Swedish pearl sugar I buy at IKEA. The Belgian looks larger. . . My recipe uses 2 separate doughs that you then mix together with your hands. Yours looks simpler, I’ll have to try it out. Have you heard of the cookbook “Everybody Eats Well in Belgium” – that’s where I found mine.
    Another thing: do you have to clean your waffle iron with a q-tip after this recipe? I always do, due to leftover sugar.
    There is no comparing a Liegoise waffle to any other kind though.

  24. Christina Says:

    These are very tasty :3 I cut up sugar cubes, since I have no access to sugar pearls, and they came out great. They’re sweet enough that you don’t have to use syrup, though my brother did anyway. I can imagine if you added raisins they’d taste pretty good, too~

  25. Chuck Says:

    I bought a Belgian waffle maker and ordered some pearl sugar just so I could make this recipe. The waffle maker came in yesterday and I just received my pearl sugar today. Guess what I’ll be making tonight and tomorrow!

  26. Richard Says:

    These look great, cant wait to try!

  27. Adam Says:

    Only because I care that everyone in the world experiences real Liege waffles . . . you need your husband to switch recipes. That recipe is just for some quick, over-yeasted bread with vanilla, cinnamon and chunks of sugar in it. True, that is what Belgian street vendors make nowadays, too, but to all but modern-day Liege waffle eaters, that’s not historically what people have known as a Liege waffle. I won’t self-promote the URL for the authentic recipe I hammered-down, but if you google “the liege waffle blog”, it’s the first result. If you like the shortcut version of these waffles, you’ll love the real deal!

  28. Liege Waffles | Fat Me Says:

    [...] this recipe is strikingly similar to one that I found on RecipeZaar, I will give credit to the lovely blog that I found it on and to the blog that they found it on. These may or may not be authentic, [...]

  29. Liege Waffles « A Thousand And One Bites Says:

    [...] and was smitten by the photographs and just had to make them. I also saw the recipe reviewed here and [...]

  30. Tagan Says:

    These are truly amazing waffles! I’m glad you have the recipe. I just spent 12 days in holland with my grandmother who is a holocaust survivor (I posted lots of pix of the trip and food on my blgo taganskitchen.blogspot.com) The hotel we were staying at had these waffles hot form the oven for breakfast, they were incredible. I had seen them around but just thought they were regular waffles, that is until I tasted them! the custardy sugary center was divine! I was really busy on this trip an didn’t get to explore the making of these waffles so close to the source, so I look forward to trying your recipe, send thanks to your husband for saving me the time of searching it out my self!!! Tagan

  31. Carlos Says:

    @27 Adam

    Whats the site? I’ve made the waffles from this recipe and they turn out… too bready. Reminds me of a buttery cross between pound cake and challah bread.

    Anyways, I’m looking for a more flaky layery and more authentic feel to the waffle.

  32. Weight Loss Ideas Says:

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    Fast Easy Health Weight Loss and good Ideas for Diet….

  33. Kim Says:

    I was in Belgium two years ago and experienced my first sugar waffle. It was such a treat so different from what we call a waffle. Again in September went back to Belgium and before I returned back home I made sure I purchased sugar pearls. I’ve done lots of searching on the right recipe. Today I tried this one. I followed the recipe exactly even down to turning my waffle iron down to a 3. I was very pleased with the outcome!!! Delicious!! I have enough sugar pearls for 5 more batches then I guess I’ll have to visit Belgium again.

  34. Joelle Says:

    In Liege we have several waffle recipes, each very delicious, all have pearl sugar… Someone suggeted Sweden Belgian pearl sugar like Lars. It seems to me that Belgian Pearl sugar should be made in Belgium not in Sweden!
    The Real Belgian Pearl Sugar is extract from beets and after many secret steps, the sugar has dissolution resitance higher that other sugar. That why you find some bits of sugar in your Liege waffles.

    The belgian pearl sugar is not easy to find outside the country.
    I did find a store that sell a belgian pearl sugar online, they imported from Belgium, this is the address http://www.belgianpearlsugar.com
    Try it! you will enjoy the real Liege waffle experience.

  35. Iris Says:

    Hi, i’m in the middle of making/baking these waffles, and am stuck at the “let it rest until it doubles in size” it has been resting for approx. 20-25 minutes and there’s no change. How long would the resting take normally? I was hoping to serve these for breakfast… I guess it’ll have to become a brunch! :)

  36. Stephan Says:

    Absolutely fantastic! I made them today for the first time, and I’m already thinking about inviting my friends over next weekend for a Belgian sugar waffle brunch. I like them a little bit less crunchy on the outside, and took them out after 3 minutes on level 3.

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  38. recycled glass counter tops Says:

    recycled glass counter tops…

    [...]Liege “Sugar” Waffles, Perfected[...]…

  39. Lannie Says:

    oh wow YUM, these pictures are making my mouth water!! looks so amazing, makes me miss street carts in brussels selling these delicious treats!!

  40. Paige Says:

    OMG! Joelle thanks for your link! Did you konw the also sell The Liege waffle? They are unbelievable … I have to tell everyone… those are so delicious! If you don’t have time do bake yours just try the one sold at http://www.belgianpearlsugar.com/waffles :)

  41. Leige Waffles | Peaches, Please! Says:

    [...] picked up this recipe from the blog Whipped: food, drink and conversation from around the table. Go check it out! [...]

  42. Susan Says:

    We had these amazing treats while skiing in Vermont this winter @ Okemo Resort from the mid-mountain Waffle Cabin. And while eating them plain and straight up is amazing, try them drizzled with a simple chocolate sauce…yummy!!!! Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to surprise my boys with them =]

  43. Inna Says:

    Waffle Cabin waffles are amazing, just came back from Mount Snow, and my daughter wants some more, I hope these are similar!!

  44. Alice Says:

    I didn’t tried the waffles from the cabin but I am Liegeoise born and raised in Liege Belgium, Of course I love “Les gaufres de Liege” I have tried the waffles Paige was talking about at http://www.belgianpearlsugar.com/waffles
    They taste exactly like the one I use to eat in Liege…warm or at room temperature they are so goood…

  45. this ain’t no IHOP … Liege Sugar Waffles « STRESSCAKE Says:

    [...] they’re my friends – we’re all insane.)  Why reinvent the wheel when they had the recipe all figured out and provided my own bag of special sugar so I could make some too? [...]

  46. erinn johnson Says:

    I searched for the pearl sugar for years. I finally found it a few weeks ago and gave these a try. I got mixed reviews in my house of six. The two that matter, my husband and me, loved them. As you know the sugar is a bit expensive, so I might even just use the batter with sugar in the raw mixed in, I think they will be amazing as well.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  47. Christian Says:

    Exellent! I’ve been searching for this – and now I found it!
    My family rejoiced:)

  48. azizaissat Says:

    beste Mensen,
    ik wil een kleine waffel productie line in het buitenland opstarten, en ik zoek wat advies, of een echte waffel expert om me te helpen.

  49. This is as close as to Belgium I will get for now…Trial #1 | Sweet Savory Moments Says:

    [...] tests your patience when your stomach is anticipating heavenly goodness of a waffle.  Props to Mr.Whipped who found this recipe to be the “best”- so I had to try this [...]

  50. Caroline Says:

    I finally got pearl sugar yesterday and was going to make these for breakfast, but what kind of yeast do you use? Maybe it’s not important.

  51. Pascale Frederickx Says:

    Hi I am from Belgium, I have to say your receipe is pretty close to the
    real thing, although we know here that measuring your weight is pretty important for good results.
    A little correction if I may .. yeast should never be mixed directly with
    salt for it can interupt the yeast from doing a proper rising proces, so it is better to mix your salt with your flour instead of mixing
    it together in the same water. Yeast is alway’s resolved in lukewarm water unless you use dry yeast , sugar does not nessecarly mix with water/yeast mix eighter , better seperatly.
    Afther you mixed your butter let it rest for 15 min than mix your sugar pearls,that may be done with hook in your kitchenrobot ( before rising )than rise them at room temperature till they doubled in volume
    or you can rise them in an oven at low temperature 104°F during 15 min, with a container of water at the the bottom to moister the doughs.
    Before rising proces it might be handy to role them up in small balls at prefarable weight, this you do by flowering a surface and your hands and softly role them into small non sticking balls( not to much flower !)Let rise and bake .. I hope this was a litte improvement ;)

  52. Sarah Says:

    Do I use normal plain flour or self raising?

  53. Cay Says:

    I found your wonderful instructions while searching for a recipe for a waffle that could be held in the hand to eat. What a discovery! I followed your instructions exactly (a cup of butter, yikes!) and the results are an all-around, thumbs-up hit at our multi-generation household.

    I did crush up sugar cubes for my pearl sugar…I sifted the crushed cubes, reserved the fine sugar, and used the remaining little rocks…I can’t imagine the pearl sugar working any better, as my little waffles were just as shiny, crunchy, and sweet as you

    Thank you so much, this will definitely become one of our go to recipes for a special treat.

  54. Chantal Says:

    I am from Liege we have so many Liege waffle recipes with or without cinnamon…If you are looking for real belgian pearl sugar, you can buy it here http://www.belgianpearlsugar.com
    They imported from belgium and it is exactly what you need, and they give you a very good Liege waffle recipe.

  55. Jeff Says:

    Last week, I ordered the pearl sugar for my wife at the site Chantal listed above, the http://www.belgianpearlsugar.com site. I just receive it and this is exactly the belgian sugar needed. She made some waffles following your instructions and that was unbelievable…Thank you so much!

  56. Darlene Says:

    I have been searching for a Belgian waffle maker with removable plates. Do you know where to buy one. We love these waffles but the pearl sugar makes such a mess in my Belgian waffle maker and the plates aren’t removable. I liked your 4 waffle maker. My neighbors beg for them

  57. Darlene Says:

    Wonderful waffles but the pearl sugar is very difficult to clean up from the iron. I can’t find a Belgian waffle maker with removable plates. The sugar residue left will burn and leave really dark spots on the rest if the waffles. In Belgian they use cast iron and a wire brush to clean. Any suggestions

  58. Caroline Says:

    Hello All -
    Clean up is not easy! One of the prices to pay for delicious waffles.
    The best thing to do is clean it when it is very warm or hot. You can put paper towel around a dull knife or end of a wooden spoon and use it to scrape off the warm sugar.
    I wish I had a magic solution!

  59. Peter Creyf Says:

    CLEAN-UP instructions for your waffle makers…

    I don’t make a habit of giving away “secrets” as it, well takes way the “secret” part of the word… We do this for a living, have a company that is 20 units strong and growing… (now that we have the franchising set up, probably at a much faster rate).

    Anyway, for all you wafflers out there, try this … (I don’t have the exact measurements as I do this “by feel”, but I’m sure you’ll figure out the measurements somehow…

    Take corn starch, add some water to make this a mixture that is neither too thick nor too thin. Pour in waffle iron when hot and it will take out most of the caramel. Voilà.

    That said, unless you use that waffle iron for something else, you can leave the caramel in there. It won’t go bad, it won’t mold (unless you store it incorectly), etc…

    We use cast iron waffle irons (commercial ones clearly) but this will work for any waffle iron.

    I have more secrets, but I can’t give them all away at once…
    One thing I will add is that I would leave out the cinnamon. Cinnamon has such a strong taste, that it will overpower the subtle scent and taste of the vanilla that you might as well not put the vanilla in there. These waffles are made/served in Belgium with only vanilla in the dough, never cinnamon. With the cinnamon, it is pretty good too, just different. You can much more easily take a shaker and dust the waffle with some vanilla to obtain the same (or even better) result.

    Cheers to you all and good luck.
    PS: this is not the goal of this comment, but rather as a help… We do sell the pearl sugar on our website too.

    Peter Creyf

  60. Peter Creyf Says:

    I just started reading some more posts… WOOOW… $10.49 for 1 lbs of pearl sugar from http://www.belgianpearlsugar.com website. Again, the idea of my posts is not to promote our own little store, but at that price – I feel I have to. We only charge $9 for 2 lbs !! Just want to save you some dough…

    Peter Creyf – Waffle Cabin (www.wafflecabin.com)

  61. Peter Creyf Says:

    To Sarah, Post #52. Anytime a recipe has yeast in it, no need to use self-rising flour. Self-rising flour has baking powder/soda in it to make it rise (but it will only do so in the waffle iron, not at room temp like yeast will). Baking powder/soda is a chemical leavener and does not produce the same results though. The taste will be different, the crumb structure will be different, …. Best is to use regular flour, but us a better flour than your typical restaurant flour. Use a bread flour for better results…

    Happy waffling all !

    Peter Creyf – Waffle Cabin (www.wafflecabin.com)

  62. Peter Creyf Says:

    To Caroline… (post #50) Any yeast will do. Just use each yeast as it needs to be used. Fresh bakers yeast (harder to come by on small scale) needs more than dry/instant yeast. Instant yeast is the most typical that you’ll find and it should be used at 1/3 of fresh bakers yeast (in case recipe calls for fresh bakers yeast).

    Happy waffling !

    Peter Creyf – Waffle Cabin (www.wafflecabin.com)

  63. Peter Creyf Says:

    To Inna – post # 43…
    Thanks Inna – they are indeed delicious, aren’t they ?
    We try to please…

    Peter Creyf – Waffle Cabin (www.wafflecabin.com)

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  66. Ellie Says:

    I found your recipe on Pinterest and my family loves it! I’m going to share it with my readers and mention your blog. I hope you won’t mind. Thanks for this great recipe!

  67. Liege waffles | collegegradhousewife Says:

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  139. Newslady Says:

    Question: I am making this for a breakfast club at work and we start super early, like 3 am early.Could i make the batter a day before and make the waffles the morning of? Or should i just make the waffles the night before and just warm the morning of?

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  141. vicki Says:

    Hi i want to know what is the model of your Belgian waffle iron maker?

  142. Yan Says:

    Belgium waffle = best waffle. Period.
    Unfortunately I don’t have a ‘Belgium’ waffle maker so I just opted for a regular. It still tasted amazing, although I’m sure the waffles were supposed to be much fluffier. Mine went stale quicker than I’d anticipated as well.

  143. cibele Says:

    will make it today!!!!!

  144. Jeanette de la Cruz Says:

    This is my go-to recipe for Belgian waffles. It never fails. Easy to follow directions and amazing results! Thanks for sharing!

  145. Denise Says:

    This is, by far, the BEST Belgian waffles recipe I have tried.

    Thank you!!

  146. Narendra Reddy Says:

    Lars Belgian Pearl Sugar available for reasonable prices at Walmart.com…go figure. And this is one of the best recipes for Leige Waffles.Thank you!!! Don’t use the one on the back of the back of the Lars Belgian sugar box

  147. Christine Says:

    I’ve just made my first batch of Liege waffles. They are delicious! A question for those in the know: with excess dough, would it be better to freeze the dough, rolled into individual balls, or cook and freeze the waffles?

  148. Ewan Says:

    Very sickly,would be better with half the butter + half the sugar!

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