I know, so cute… before you even think about giving me credit for this great idea, thank Ebony, the creative mind behind Snow & Graham.

Lucky for all of us, Ebony has started blogging.  In the past years, I have had the pleasure of not only becoming her friend but working with her and getting a sneak peek “behind the curtain” at Snow & Graham.  You know what I have learned?  That woman can churn out creative designs and ideas like Prince can write hit songs.  They just seem to come to her.  Now, thanks to the immediacy of blogging, we now all get more Ebony, more often, more of the time.  Feast on her ideas and inspirations here.

This recent post about how to make cupcake wrappers is complete with instructions and even a downloadable PDF template.  If you (or when you) fall in love with her Snow & Graham papers, you may use the code WHIPPED at checkout to receive 10% off your online orders.  Happy Cupcake Wrapping!