I am going to tell you my secrets right up front.  High quality meats from a local butcher and a liberal brushing of bacon grease on the crust.

A few of my previous posts have been anticipatory lead ups to this one.  After my trip to Paulina Meat Market to secure top quality pizza meats and since I have settled on what I consider the best thin crust pizza dough, I am ready to reveal my Carnivore Carnival Pizza (more commonly described as a Meat Lover’s Pizza.)  

For those who have been reading closely and following Twitter, you know that I have been researching more vegetarian eating options so you may wonder what this meat centric pizza is all about.  I am still continuing with the vegetarian cooking learning curve but I don’t intend to cut out meat all together.  I must admit that when I stand at a good butcher and smell smoked meats, I get very, very excited.  It’s almost weekend and the weather is warm… let’s eat pizza and drink beer.  Cheers!

PIZZA CRUST:  I prefer thin crust pizza and used this pizza crust recipe.

SAUCE: You can use your favorite red sauce as pizza sauce.  If you have time, it would be amazing to roast tomatoes with garlic and make this as pizza sauce.

TOPPINGS: From Paulina’s Meat Market, I bought pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage and Hickory smoked bacon.  I did not intend to use the hickory smoked bacon on the pizza but the butcher assumed I did and packed and labeled it “pizza meats.”  It’s fate was sealed.  Onto the pizza with it….

ASSEMBLY:  The crust recipe involves par-baking the crust.  While it is baking the first time, cook the bacon and reserve the fat.  Crumble the bacon.  Brush the baked crust with red sauce.  Place meats on the pizza.  BRUSH THE EDGES OF THE CRUST WITH THE BACON FAT! (so yum)  Top with mozzarella or the cheese of your choice.  Continue to follow pizza crust instructions until you have a bubbling, fragrant pizza.