Every since I perfected my perfect pizza dough, I have been pizza crazy. Fresh greens are my newest topping, straight from my little garden.

I was so anxious for my veggie garden to grow faster and faster so I could pluck just a few leaves for a fresh salad.  Now, summer is upon us and I am nearly overwhelmed with my unending crops of spinach, mixed lettuces and arugula.

In an effort to find some fresh ideas for using the glut of arugula, I turned to Twitter. Almost immediately, @springboots (you can find her blog here) told me it would be good on pizza.  She was right.  I lathered up the dough up with some pesto and topped it with prosciutto and medallions of fresh mozzarella.  After removing the hot pie from the oven, I dressed it with freshly harvested arugula.Wow.  Double wow.  The flavor combination was one of my favorite pizza toppings yet though it may not quite top this pizza recipe with truffle oil, mushrooms and fresh mozzarella.  For my next pizza venture, I am going to try grilling it for the first time.   I have heard it’s the thing to do in the summer and we have a new large grill that could possibly hold two pizzas.  Any pizza grilling advice from experts out there?

Pizza with Pesto, Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Arugula

Follow this pizza dough recipe.
After the first baking of the crust, brush the crust and dough liberally with pesto.  I used this pesto recipe.
Lay thin slices of prosciutto and slices of fresh mozzarella on the dough.
Bake it again per the pizza dough instructions.
Remove from the oven and top with fresh arugula.