I love red velvet cake. I have a donut addiction. When I walked into Dinkel’s Bakery last week and found a Red Velvet Donut, my heart skipped a beat.


The initial reaction when you see two of your favorite things together is excitement. There is an assumption that the by combining the two things, the result will be an even better thing. Then caution sets in as you remember that two great things don’t always equal a greater thing.

I turned my bag of a few donuts into a box full and added a few of the red wheels to my take before heading back to my office. Warily eager to sample this February special, I enlisted the help of a fellow foodie, friend and blogger, Kathy of Stresscake.

Before the tasting report, we should review what makes a red velvet cake different than other cake.  Start by reviewing this post for my thoughts or this one for a second amazing red velvet recipe. Most importantly, it is NOT just red food coloring. And, I require a good cream cheese frosting to be satisfied.

Deep breath… first bite. Nice crunchy exterior, a well fried donut. Visually bright red color and pretty good frosting with some hint of cream cheese. Second bite… yes, this is a good donut as almost all donuts from Dinkel’s Bakery are.  But, do I detect that special red velvet magic made by the vinegar, buttermilk and touch of cocoa powder?  I am not so sure.

Overall, I was glad I tiptoed toward this tasting experience remembering that my favorite things can rarely be topped, even when two of them are combined. It was really fun to eat a bright red donut in celebration of the upcoming holiday of love. But, given a choice of only one donut… this would not beat out the standard chocolate covered, buttermilk glazed or vanilla pastry cream filled bismark. And, between this donut and a piece of perfect red velvet cake? No contest.  That reminds me…I need to make sure I get my hands on a piece of Red Velvet Cake for tomorrow to make my Valentine’s celebration complete.