This week, you are invited to my Stella & Dot trunk show! I’ve collaborated with a friend to bring you her jewelry and my food inspired by some of the collections.

There is nothing like an old friend. When you have giggled together, talked late into the night during sleepovers, gossiped about boys and cried over the angst of growing up, there is a level of comfort with one another that never goes away. My friend Jodi and I met in middle school, spent hours in the pool together on the high school swimming team, went to the same university and shared in each others weddings. Since then, life has led us apart geographically and the busyness of adulthood has often put months between our talks. Luckily, the time apart was not as strong as the time together.

During her visit to Chicago this summer, Jodi and I reconnected despite the distractions of my little baby, her twin boys and the fact that she was busy setting up Stella & Dot jewelry to host a trunk show at her sister-in-law’s house. Stella & Dot is a company that sells accessories only through in-home trunk shows. The founder is an exceptional woman who was interested in creating flexible, entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Stella & Dot been named one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies.

Since the time during the brief visit together wasn’t enough, Jodi and I hatched a plan for her to fly back to Chicago, leave her three kids with Dad for the weekend and host a collaborative jewelry/food party. Due to busy schedules and responsibilities, I didn’t think it would actually happen. But, lucky for me, my old friend made it a priority and this weekend, we hosted our ladies’ night.

In the coming days, I will feature a number of recipes that I created based on inspiration from various Stella & Dot jewelry collections. If you aren’t interested in jewelry, I hope you’ll enjoy the food. If you are interested in jewelry, you may shop online and be part of our trunk show for the next two weeks! Just CLICK HERE and if you are asked to select a trunk show host, you will see my name (Caroline).

How I wish I could have actually served each of you a delicious Ginger Citrus Gin or a Lychee Martini as you draped yourself in jewels!

Are you a Stella & Dot stylist? Feel free to use my recipes and offer them to your hosts as ideas and inspiration for your future gatherings.

Pictured Above: Yogurt covered raisins in the crystal bowl. Gold chocolate coins scattered amongst the Rio Coin bracelet and necklace.