An intergenerational conversation about the facts of banana life.

Baby Banana 1: Grandma Banana?

Grandma Banana: Yes, my darling.

Baby Banana 1: Are we going to grow up to be just like you?

Grandma Banana: No litte one. You are as big as you are ever going to get.

Baby Banana 2: But, will our skin get speckled like yours?

Grandma Banana: Well, normally it would my dears, but today is your special day. There will be no time for your skin to change.

Baby Banana 3: What is our special day Grams?

Grandma Banana: Today, you are all going to the preschool with the twenty other siblings that were born in your bunch. And, you are going to bring smiles to all the little children’s faces at snack time. You are very special wee ones. Many have not before seen your kind.

Baby Banana 3: Are you coming too?

Grandma Banana: No sweet ones. I will be staying here on the counter for a couple more days.

Baby Banana 1 (sniffling): But, but, Grandma, if you aren’t going to bring smile to the kids’ faces, what will become of you?

Grandma Banana: Oh piffle, don’t you cry now. I am headed for the grandest honor of all. (Grandma Banana tries to stand up a touch straighter, showing her pride.)

Baby Banana 2: What is the grandest of all?

Grandma Banana: I will stay on the counter just a few more days while my skin continues to age and my insides grow soft and sweet. Then, I will become banana bread! And that, my lovelies, will bring smiles to all – both young and old.

Baby Bananas 1, 2 & 3 (in a whisper):  whoooooaaaaa

Grandma Banana: Now run along, here come the people. Get back with your bunch and get ready for your ride to school. Make us proud! Don’t roughhouse on the way there, we don’t want any more bruising. And, when the time comes, let your peels down easy.