“All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.”  – The Beatles

My appreciation for Valentine’s Day is growing. Sure, the incessant marketing and the pressure to make a big splash for your significant other can be overbearing. But underneath all the hype, I appreciate the idea of a day focused on love. As I mentioned in the previous post, February 14th has additional significance for me as the day I met my husband and as the day Baby Whipped was born (Happy 1st birthday little one!)  Beyond my own special circumstances, I am growing more and more fond of  this day dedicated to matters of the heart.

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Why not have a holiday to celebrate it? There is always need for more love as the antidote to loneliness, indifference, anger and the many challenges people face. Valentine’s Day is primarily promoted as a romantic holiday. But today, I have been thinking about the other types of love that warm one’s life – unconditional companionship of a pet, little kisses from children, charitable acts, passion for one’s job or interests.

Perhaps I am coming off as a real sap. I am not the overly sweet or gushing type. I can be demanding, judgmental and bossy.  But I do love to love. I have been fortunate to have received a lot of love in my life and I take pleasure in giving love to those close to me. Thanks to my parents, I learned to be comfortable expressing love. We kiss, we hug, we snuggle, we hold hands, we say I love you.

In the same way that New Year’s Day serves as a time to make resolutions and reflect on life changes you want to make, Valentine’s Day can serve as a day to reflect on your relationships and how you are giving and receiving love in your life. Humans are born with the ability to love. But, I think that loving and being loved is a skill that can be practiced and improved. Whether through flowers, sweets, favors, donations or just words, expressions of love can carry great weight.

On a lighter note, if you are still reading, thank you for joining me at my virtual table and chewing on a heavy topic with me! Initially, I began this post with the intention of extending a simple Valentine’s wish to all who are reading. I offer you a small heart cookie decorated by my daughter’s small hands along with a small dose of love from me to you. Thank you for visiting.