I want one of these SO badly, but first we have to make sure they get made.


Imagine next Easter peeling back the shell of your hunted eggs and finding a real GOLDEN egg inside! It is within the realm of possibility. What makes golden eggs? Duh…  The Golden Goose.

I have a small kitchen without much additional storage space but this is a new contraption I am willing to make room for. To make golden eggs, you place your little orb inside The Golden Goose and then take turns swinging, twirling, dancing and having fun. Voila! Your egg has been scrambled INSIDE the shell. Then, you just have to decide how to prepare your golden egg. Are you as excited as I am?! I hope so because I need YOU to make sure that I can get my hands on The Golden Goose. I recently discovered this kickstarter campaign and pledged with the hopes of being one of the first to put golden eggs in my kids’ lunch boxes.

Though I was very excited when I watched the video and was introduced to The Golden Goose concept (about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10), I discovered at the end of the video that the inventor was someone I knew! Geraint and I work for the same client and have crossed paths a number of times. I already really liked Geraint (about a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10) but after discovering that he is behind this new found golden-egg-making-machine, the serendipitous connection pushed my excitement for both the concept and its maker to a solid 10.

Will you join me? Will you help The Golden Goose find its way into our kitchens? It’s a cool idea. It’s fun. Geraint is a good guy. Pledge here and you will be hiding golden eggs in the grass next Easter.

Exclusive interview with Geraint, the INVENTOR of The Golden Goose:

How long have you been working on this project?
The Goose has been in the works since about last Easter, that’s when I first tried to scramble an egg using the shirt-sleeve trick (which didn’t work no matter how much I tried)

What is the texture of golden eggs?
The Texture of the golden egg is ‘silky’ custard like. when cooked in the shell, and similar in the pan, but brighter and dense.

(note: even the dog wants a cold beer with fried golden eggs.)

What is your favorite way to eat a golden egg?
My two favorite ways are soft boiled slowly at a med temperature, and simply fried straight from the shell into a skillet. When you fry straight from the shell, no outside air was mixed in, and you get a pure scrambled egg experience. It is better. The perfect scramble in my opinion, though I’m not a chef.