More About Whipped

Hello, my name is Caroline. I love gathering with friends and family around the table to enjoy good food, drink and conversation. Wherever you may be, thank you for pulling up a chair and welcome to my virtual table!

I live in Chicago and I am a mother, wife, business owner and blogger. In 2007, I started Whipped to learn more about blogging, explore new recipes and as an excuse to buy a fancy camera. I have continued blogging because Whipped has united me with old friends, introduced me to new friends, bettered my cooking and baking skills, picked me up on bad days and brought me new opportunities.

I like:
cheese, trees, good movie popcorn, bread pudding, chocolate, my scooter, the smell of campfires, beer, small farms, pretty glassware, cake and ice cream, new discoveries, french fries, late night bowls of cereal, reading, cozy scarves, champagne, estate sales, a good cup of coffee, different cultures, Sunday mornings, pondering inane things

I do not like:
raw tomatoes, vandalism, inconsiderate behavior, cleaning out the fridge, iceberg lettuce, hunger, ironing, wastefulness, humidity, bureaucracy, video games, corporate life, maraschino cherries, blue cheese


I love:
my family, my friends, gathering around food and drink, being underwater, color, donuts, autumn, learning new things, vanilla pastry cream, my dog, massages, a good laugh, red velvet cake, striped socks, baby animals, precocious kids, a perfect peach, life

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