We are safely moved into our new home and handling the chaos pretty well.  I thought it was so brilliant to use clothing as a packing cushion for other things.  However, since it turned quite chilly in Chicago and my clothes are spread around in mounds of boxes that also contain china, nick-knacks and other breakables, I am second guessing my clever idea.  Finding a pair of warm socks today was an unwelcome scavenger hunt.

That being said, we love our new house and are more than thrilled that the difficult whirlwind of the last week is over.  Phew.  Family and friends who might be reading… I apologize for not being in better communication.  Between the trip abroad and house purchase nearly falling through, we have only barely kept our nostrils above water.

During the move-in, we were pleased to meet a very friendly neighbor who extended his hand over the backyard fence.  The next morning, I was excited to spy his wife harvesting rhubarb out of their backyard.  An even better sign… the first ring of our doorbell that evening signaled the neighbor and his 3-year-old son bearing a warm loaf of apple rhubarb cake.  The man politely and proudly announced that his wife was a talented baker and they wanted to welcome us with this special streusel-covered treat.  Looks like we might have hit the neighbor jackpot.

This sweet bite was just the fuel we needed to unpack a few more boxes and to find the energy for things like sock scavenger hunts.  I don’t know my talented neighbor lady well enough to request a recipe as of yet… so if anyone out there has a similar recipe, please offer up the link!