If you watch the news at all, you have heard that we had quite a snow in Chicago last week. Though the prediction was for widespread devastation, luckily the Whipped household found the entire event quite enjoyable.

Last week, we had the “storm of the decade” which trapped us in the house for days. It was quiet, bright and beautiful. Chicagoans have a special sense of camaraderie when faced with Mother Nature’s winter surprises. Everyone on our block was out shoveling, dogs bounding through the snow off leashes, neighbors skiing and snowshoeing down the middle of the road, shared snow blowers, snow forts, sledding and smiles.

I know that I have been very absent lately and neglecting both cooking, photography, new recipes and posting. Baby Whipped is expected to join us any day and I have been hibernating without the energy to do much of anything. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find the recipe archives (see top navigation bar under recipes) inspirational for your own cooking endeavors until I can feed the “Whipped machine” with some new delectable treats.