If you have been reading Whipped, you know how much I love to bake. Well, these past 9 months have been the baking project of my life. I tend to write about food more than my personal life so I have not mentioned my pregnancy thus far, at least not directly. It certainly had something to do with my less than creative recipes in late summer, severe need for donuts now and then and emotional outbursts about things like less than perfect photography.

This week some time, I hope to welcome this little gal into my kitchen. So, I may not respond to questions and comments for a little while. However, keep checking in! I will be posting up until the special day. And, I have a little back log of recipes that I have ready to pop up when I can. (I will likely spend weeks eating frozen foods and casseroles from kindly neighbors.) Finally, I am extremely excited to be featuring a few guest chefs and food lovers!